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London, UKFlash 90

A 12-year old boy and two adults were assaulted this week in separate attacks against Jews in the heavily Jewish Stamford Hill area of London, England.

The Jewish boy was travelling home from school on a bus when the attack occurred. According to Stamford Hill Shomrim, a 50-year old male grabbed the victim by the throat and threw him off the bus.

According to accounts of the incident, no one on the bus attempted to help the child.

Shomrim reported a second attack in the Stamford Hill area this week in which a Jewish pedestrian was attacked by a male assailant who ran towards him, grabbing his hat and kippah and throwing them off.

The attack was described as “completely unprovoked.”

In the third attack in the neigbhorhood, where around 15,000 Hasidic Jews live, a pedestrian was attacked in an unprovoked assault by a man who punched him in the face and then threw his hat off.

The Stamford Hill area has experienced numerous attacks against Jews in the last few years, with a leader of Stamford Hill Shomrim warning in January 2022 that antisemitism has sharply increased in the area and all over London.

Rabbi Hershel Gluck, the president of Stamford Hill Shomrim, told the Hackney Gazette at the time that his volunteer run community safety organization had witnessed a “marked and sharp increase” in hate crimes against Jews in Hackney, where Stamford Hill is located, and the same increase had been felt in other parts of London.

“We are certainly very deeply shocked and troubled by the events that we have seen over the past year,” Rabbi Gluck said.

He added that the antisemitic incidents have spread across London neighborhoods, including Islington, Camden and Hampstead.