Yoav Ben-Tzur with Aryeh Deri and Shas members
Yoav Ben-Tzur with Aryeh Deri and Shas membersYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Knesset approved on Monday evening the establishment of the Ministry of Labor and the appointment of Yoav Ben-Tzur from the Shas Party to the position of Minister of Labor.

The Ministry of Labor will be responsible for the National Insurance Institute and will work to promote the employment market through training, including technological training, as well as encouraging and providing tools for employment for diverse populations.

The units that make up the labor branch that will make up the Ministry of Labor are the Division for Encouraging Parental Employment, the purpose of which is to provide participation in the tuition fees in day care centers and subsidized nurseries in order to encourage employment, the Administration for the Regulation and Enforcement of the various labor laws, the Senior Division for the Regulation of Occupations, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Population Employment Administration and the Government Institute for Technology and Science Training.

Minister Ben-Tzur said, "The re-establishment of the Ministry of Labor is great news for the citizens of Israel. I came to provide a better future to workers from all sectors and to work tirelessly for the integration of disadvantaged populations in the labor market while providing professional training that will give them a broader occupational horizon."

"These days, together with the professional team, I am formulating a comprehensive work plan that will strengthen the status of the workers - strengthening their status means strengthening the Israeli economy. I thank the Council of Torah Sages and the chairman of Shas, Rabbi Aryeh Deri, for the great trust they have placed in me," he added.