VaccineOlivier Fitoussi/Flash 90

The vaccination committee is recommending that the Ministry of Health prepare to vaccinate the population against COVID-19, once a year in the fall, in a joint operation of COVID-19 and flu vaccines together in two separate injections, Kan 11 News reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the members of the vaccination committee are recommending to the Ministry of Health that it purchase vaccines, and to ensure there are vaccines in stock for the entire population at risk in warehouses in case there is an outbreak in the summer.

In addition, the experts believe that Israel has herd immunity in light of the fact that most of the population - more than 70 percent - has contracted COVID-19, sometimes several times, and most of the population is also vaccinated - and therefore recommend preparing for one booster vaccination each year.

Dr. Tal Brosh, coordinator of the work center for the treatment of epidemics and a member of the vaccination committee, said that "this recommendation is intended to make it easier for the population, make it easier for the vaccinating teams and also out of appreciation and hope that COVID-19 becomes a seasonal winter disease."