Antisemitic flyers were discovered on vehicles in the parking lot of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) headquarters in Palm Beach County, Florida, WLFA reported.

According to the PBSO, the antisemitic hate literature was found in Ziploc bags filled with wood chips to keep them from blowing away. They were placed on vehicles in the parking lot some time over the weekend and discovered Sunday morning.

The incident is currently under investigation by the PBSO.

At a rally held Saturday night in front of the AT&T building where a swastika was recent projected, Palm Beach Mayor Gregg Weiss told attendees, including Jewish community members, that he and other officials will be holding a summit on Tuesday to discuss enacting laws to prevent future antisemitic incidents from occurring in the county.

The flyers found in the parking lot appear similar to past antisemitic flyers found across the US in the last two years that were also placed in plastic bags and weighed down with small objects, such as rice and pebbles.

Past flyer drops have been attributed to extremist hate group Goyim Defense League, according to the StopAntisemtisim advocacy organization.

The ADL describes the Goyim Defense League as a “loose network of individuals connected by their virulent antisemitism. The group includes five or six primary organizers/public figures, dozens of supporters and thousands of online followers” and operates GoyimTV, a video platform streaming antisemitic content.

“GDL’s overarching goal is to cast aspersions on Jews and spread antisemitic myths and conspiracy theories. This includes frequent references to Jews having undue power through their “control” of major institutions such as media networks, the economy or the government, or disparaging Jews as degenerates,” the ADL said on its website.