Baltimore, Maryland
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Swastikas were discovered scrawled onto desks at three different schools in Montgomery Country, Maryland last week, school officials announced.

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Superintendent Monifa McKnight notified the public about the incidents in a statement released on Saturday, Fox5 reported. The statement did not name the schools.

For each case, "students and the staff addressed the vile impact of the hateful images, worked to immediately remove the drawings, and in each case, appropriate discipline in alignment with the MCPS Student Code of Conduct was assigned,” McKnight said.

She added that the antisemitic vandalism was not the first case to occur this year at a school in Montgomery Country, a suburb of Washington DC and the most populated county in the state of Maryland.

“In collaboration with advocates such as the Jewish Community Relations Council, we will continue our efforts to educate our students about antisemitism,” she said.

A letter given to parents with children at the Silver Creek Middle School said that one of the incidents took place at the school on Thursday.

Principal Tiffany Awkard condemned the incident as “unacceptable and against the core values we embrace at Silver Creek.”

“As such, students who engage in this type of behavior will be given appropriate disciplinary actions aligned with the MCPS student code of conduct,” she said, noting that it “serves as a reminder to educate and reinforce to students the impact that hateful words and symbols have on others and to call out and expose antisemitism when it happens.”

“We will schedule student town hall meetings to readdress our core values and to discuss the importance of being a No Place for Hate school which enables us to combat antisemitism, racism, hatred, and bias in all forms,” Awkard added.