The demonstration in Tel Aviv
The demonstration in Tel AvivAmir Goldstein

According to police estimates, 100 thousand demonstrators protested the new right-wing government and its planned judicial reforms on Saturday evening in Tel Aviv.

Additional demonstrations also took place outside the President's residence in Jerusalem, Be'er Sheva, and Herzliya. Prior to the demonstration in Tel Aviv, Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai came to the Tel Aviv police command center and was updated on the police preparations.

MK Benny Gantz joined the demonstration in Tel Aviv, saying: "Netanyahu should stand behind the Supreme Court, Aryeh Deri should be fired."

Member of Knesset Gilad Kariv from the Labor Party said this evening that "tonight's demonstration is one of the largest the country has known, and the next ones will be even bigger. Netanyahu's extremist partners know very well that he is under pressure from the public protests and international criticism, and that is the reason why they are 'pressing on the gas' in their destructive legislative procedures. This is also the reason why, together with the members of the opposition, this week they are canceling the Constitutional Committee's deliberations, a move intended to legitimize the destruction of Israeli democracy."

Opposition Leader and Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid stated at the demonstration: "What you are seeing today is a demonstration for the state. This is a demonstration in support of the state. People who love the state came here today to defend its democracy, defend its courts, and defend the idea of coexistence. There are lovers of Israel here who came to demonstrate in support of a Jewish-democratic state according to the values of the Declaration of Independence."

At a rally in Haifa, former Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar stated: "Mr. Prime Minister, immediately fire Minister Aryeh Deri. Mr. Prime Minister, do not attempt to impinge on democracy. 75 hours have passed since the verdict, Mr. Prime Minister, you are insulting the Supreme Court."