State Capitol Building of Michigan in Lansing
State Capitol Building of Michigan in LansingISTOCK

The Kent County, Michigan Republican Party headquarters was vandalized with swastikas and white supremacist graffiti that was discovered on Tuesday.

The graffiti was spray painted on all four sides of the office building, mlive reported. It included antisemitic and white supremacist symbols, swastikas, and cross-hairs in black spray paint.

There was also the hate symbol 1488, which the ADL describes as “a combination of two popular white supremacist numeric symbols,” with “88” being shortland for “Heil Hitler.” According to the ADL, “Together, the numbers form a general endorsement of white supremacy and its beliefs.”

Local police have opened an investigation. They said that a report was filed online on Tuesday morning, Fox17 reported.

"Sadly, this kind of crime is becoming all too common. Graffiti is vandalism and vandalism should be prosecuted, period,” a Kent County GOP spokesperson told Fox17.

Michigan Republican state Senator Mark Huizenga condemned the incident in a statement.

“These shameful and disgusting actions are not reflective of our community. The people of West Michigan support building a strong society — free from hate and oppression,” Huizenga said.

The incident came only two months after similar hate messages were spray painted on the Kent County Democratic Party headquarters.