The Jewish community in Gold Coast, Queensland expressed outrage at the sale of Nazi memorabilia at an antiques fair in the Australian city.

The community demanded to know why a stall at the Coomera antiques fair was allowed to sell Nazi memorabilia and World War II-era German weapons, according to ABC News Australia.

While an organizer of the fair issued an apology to the Jewish community, Jewish leaders said they were “disgusted” that someone was profiting off items related to the Holocaust.

Photos from the stall reportedly showed a swastika armband, SS patches, war medals, bullets, daggers, Nazi propaganda books, and a small statue of Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering for $45.

While the Queensland government is planning to criminalize the public display of Nazi and other hate symbols, the legislation has not yet been put into place.

A member of the local Jewish community filed a complaint with the Gold Coast Council, the owner of the Coomera Sports Complex that was hosting the event.

The fair’s organizer, Allan Lawson, told ABC that the stall was “not acceptable” and had slipped through the vetting process.

“We apologize not only to the Jewish community but we apologize to everyone," he said. "We will do everything in our power to make sure it does not happen again."