Prime Minister Netanyahu
Prime Minister NetanyahuOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the controversy surrounding the planned reforms in the judicial system.

"A large majority of the public agrees that there is a need to make amendments to the judicial system and law enforcement. We talked about it before the elections and received a clear mandate from the public to do so. The amendments need to be made with responsibility and consideration, while hearing all the positions, and this is exactly the process that will happen now in the legislature."

"I suggest that everyone calm down and enter into a substantive discussion. When they say that the smallest amendment is the destruction of democracy, it is not only an incorrect argument - it is also an argument that does not allow for the understandings that should be reached in substantive discussions in the Israeli Knesset. I want to reassure you. Democracy is built on balance. It is kept evenly between the three authorities and this balance exists in all democracies in the world, it also existed in Israel in its first fifty years."

" Was there no democracy here? Was there no protection for minority rights? Obviously yes, and it will be the same after the reform, for the benefit of all the citizens of Israel."