The bar mitzvah
The bar mitzvahCourtesy

The Falic and Levi families, of Miami, Florida, held a special Bar Mitzvah ceremony for their son and grandson, Zion Ariel Levi.

The families stressed that they wanted to hold this special event in a place that would express the return to Zion, and through their ties with Binyamin Regional Council Governor Israel Ganz, decided to hold their son’s Bar Mitzva at the ancient site. The Falic family is very supportive of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Governor Israel Ganz and his deputy Raful Engel participated in this event and awarded the Bar Mitzva boy, Zion Ariel, a special token of appreciation on behalf of the residents of Binyamin. Ganz said, “Zion Ariel has the privilege of being the first youth to put on tefillin at this site since the Hasmoneans were here. There is no more touching event than this, because it symbolizes our nation’s return to its home and the sense of belonging that every Jew has for Zion and the Land of Israel. The Falic family is a family of Cohanim and today has been privileged to unite with the tradition of their ancestors, the Hasmoneans, in the most tangible way possible. There is no greater blessing than that, for the Bar Mitzva boy and for the entire Jewish People.”

International Desk Director Eliana Passentin: “It is very exciting to stand here in one of the oldest synagogues in the world, with a deeply rooted Zionist family from Miami that has come here, specially to Binyamin, with many guests, to celebrate the donning of tefillin for the first time, specifically here.”