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A man was arrested early Monday in Brownstown, Michigan after his odd behavior, including passing out antisemitic flyers in the middle of the night, led police to discover he was carrying a concealed weapon used for military combat.

According to local police, they received a call at around 2:30 a.m. on Monday that a man was acting suspiciously in the township located 22 miles southwest of Detroit.

The antisemitic literature he was passing out caused police to investigate at which point they discovered the 24-year old was carrying a Ka-Bar tactical knife. He was arrested in the Whispering Woods subdivision, the News-Herald reported.

“It was a suspicious situation,” Detective Lt. Andrew Starzec told the news outlet. “No one should be out at 2:30 a.m. handing out literature.”

Starzec described the weapon as a military-type knife that often has a 10-inch long blade. They are considered combat knives.

The suspect was arrested for carrying the combat knife without a permit and charged with a misdemeanor, police said.

They added that he would not say why he was distributing the hate literature in the middle of the night.

According to the StopAntisemitism advocacy organization, the man appeared to be a member of the

Goyim Defense League, an antisemitic hate group which has been behind similar campaigns of distributing anti-Jewish pamphlets across the United States.

The flyers were found by residents sealed in plastic baggies, the manner in which the Goyim Defense League distributed hate literature in other areas.

One resident who did not want to be identified out of fear told the outlet that the after dropping the flyer on her porch, the man filmed himself giving a Nazi salute before leaving her yard.