Minister Regev meets railway company heads
Minister Regev meets railway company headsspokesperson

Transportation Minister Miri Regev (Likud) met today (Wednesday) with the chairman of the board and CEO of Israel Railways and the professional echelon at the Transportation Ministry to formulate a plan to reduce railway construction on Shabbat following complaints from the haredi parties over such work.

During the meeting, the railway personnel presented the plan to reduce railway works on Shabbat, under the principles of maintaining the status quo, as well as continuing to carry out work which is necessary for the preservation of human life.

.According to the work plan presented at the meeting, some of the work that was planned to be done on Saturdays will be spread over several nights during the week, thus it will be possible to reduce the amount of work on Shabbat to the minimum which is necessary.

The minister was satisfied that the service to the public would not be harmed in any way due to the reduction presented at the meeting.