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The terrorist IRGC has now threatened Charlie Hebdo’s staff with the fate of Salman Rushdie. Hussein Salami, the stooge of Khamenei, made an incriminating statement to that effect.

Charlie Hebdo takeoff
Charlie Hebdo takeoffINN

In fact, terrorism is an inseparable part of Khomienism. Since the 1960’s the terror machine of criminal Shia mullahs has terrorized and eliminated all opponents of their destructive ideology.

Analytically, in studying Iranian contemporary history, knowing that khomeinism is a mixture of more than 64 different schools is essential for political evaluation.

Critically, “Khomienism” is a mixture and a bizarre amalgam of diverse schools such as Absolutism; Activism; Alarmism; Anarchism; Antagonism; anti-Semitism; authoritarianism; autism; barbarism; blackguardism; Bolshevism; Charlatanism; Communism; Cosmopolitanism; Demagogism; despotism; Dogmatism; Egotism; Expansionism; Externalism; Extremism; Fascism; Fanatism; Fetishism; Fundamentalism; Gangesterism; Idiotism; Interventionism; Jacobinism; Imperialism; Leftism; Machiavelism; Stalinism; Medievelism; Militarism; Misoneism; Nepotism; obscurntism; Obstructionism; opportunism; Parasitism; pharisaism; Primitivism; Propagandism; Proselytism; Radicalism; reactionism; religionism; Revivalism; Rowdyism; Ruffianism; Sacerdotalism; Sanculotism; Shamanism; sensationalism; sophism; Terrorism; Threnodism; totalitarianism; Ultraism; Vandalism; Vulgarism.

Note that this vicious ideology is running the entire regime of criminal mullahs. Nowadays, from one side, they are up the creek without a paddle. From other side, the propaganda machine of the regime spends money hand over fist to spread the prejudicial policies of the outlaw regime.

For this reason, Salami and IRGC terrorists are an integral part of this vicious regime. Salami, as expected, is a follower of the Khominist regime and looks for trouble. The knives of the mullahs are out, The leopard cannot change its spots.

Khamenei still believes that he is the center of the world, but In reality, he is a psychopath and a serial killer, worse than Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein. This is a criminal mullah who wears the mask of holiness, but there is no sanctity among criminal and corrupted mullahs.

On February 4, 1979, Mehdi Bazargan the spiritual and moral creator of the terrorist group MEK , told the New York Times “what was wanted was a government of the type seen during the 10 years of the rule of prophet of Muhammad and the 5 years under his son-in-law, Ali, the 1st Shiite Imam." That was 1400 years ago!

How could this irrelevant example could be applied to a country half-modernized, half-traditional in 1979? It is impossible to know why a prestigious American newspaper published such meaningless superstitious and irrational propaganda of Shiism.

In fact, Bazargan, a bizarre liar, told the New York Times in February 1980: “The numbers of executed prisoners in revolutionary courts are 60 and it is less than the 100000 people that Shah killed!” Alas, the New York Times did not bother to do fact-checking or investigate such groundless gossip. This radical Shia activist and fan of Mosaddeq did not believe in democracy and played a far more crucial role in the revolt of 1979 which led to the ruin of Iran.

Historically, based on all credible sources, the period of Ali was full of suppression, violations, terrorism, and wars against opponents. So, they are proud of a fake story. All of the Islamic terrorist groups who participated in 1979 to assist Khomeini were fundamentalist and terrorist groups, such as the Islamic Nations Party or Party of Islamic Nations; The Islamic Coalition Party; Fadā'iyān-e Islam ; the followers of Mosaddeq in The National Front or The Freedom Movement of Iran or Liberation Movement of Iran, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, also known as Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) ; Mansoorun , and others. Beyond doubt, they were not pro-democracy or human rights. Some of these terrorist groups , after 1979, morphed into other groups such as Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization or Reformists.

Currently, it is enough to recognize that these terrorists are running the state in Iran. Incessantly and cunningly, they talk about such superstitions to suppress their opponents among young generation in Iran. The IRGC terrorist is ready to massacre all protesters only to prolong the life of the mullah’s regime and delay the regime change. The mindset of a Khomeinist individual knows only an unacceptable and unreasonable demand.

The world is watching how Iran IRGC terrorist chief vows revenge against Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper, for publishing Khamenei cartoons and caricatures. Obviously, this is threatening the entire free world. Why does the West want to turn blind eyes to this matter? What’s the relationship between the real Muslim believers and the Supreme leader of world’s terrorism? Is a thug and dictator like Khamenei, a religious symbol for believers? He is an icon of theocracy and a symbol of Islamic Terrorism. The legacy of Khamenei is a tumultuous Middle East after 34 years of illegitimate leadership with a long and colorful history of crimes.

For most of the regional states, the Iranian regime is the archetype of a hostile rogue regime- the most notorious state sponsor of militant Islamic terrorism. For Europe and the modern world, the only realistic option is supporting regime change in Iran.. All men in the Islamic organizations call each other “Brother” and in that sense, the inner circle of these brothers in an ineffectual religious dictatorship of terrorists against the modern world, advocating universal rule.

Down with the dictator
Down with the dictatorErfan Fard

In international relations, the Iranian awakening and the delight of young protesters will be a triumph of liberal democracy in Iran. Indisputably, the miraculous fulfillment of divine promises has no value in behavior and lifestyle of the young generation in modern Iran. Furthermore, thy will bring an end to a global religious revolution for Shia criminal officials in Iran who wanted to export their Khomeinism globally. Soon, the Ummah (the transnational community of believers) will see the failure of Khomeinism, and elimination of IRGC terrorists.

This point should be emphasized; however, the future belongs to young generation, with this essence of the faith that democracy and human rights is much better that satanic verses of the mullahs who live as leeches and spongers inside society. These days in Iran, the final goal cannot be anything less than creating a democracy.

In principle, the first performance of radical Islam and Islamic terrorism and implementation of Khomeinism as a doctrine of state power appeared in 1979. It can be argued that this destructive and amalgamated ideology ruined a long and celebrated national past and a long-recognized reverence for its pre-Islamic history. All of Iran and the Middle East is turned upside down because of Khominism, comparable to a tumor.

Since April 1, 1979, “the first day of God’s government,” Khominism wanted to take the first step to overthrow of all the governments in the Muslim World and set up their alternative, an “Islamic terrorist government.” In a similar spirit, the IRGC terrorists challenged the World Order. Even while still hailed in the West, this regime brought darkness to Iran, and the Middle East, the world’s most volatile region.

This situation cannot be inevitably permanent. Iran will have a new government and accept the western democracies and be open to fostering cooperative relations with the modern world. Speaking with cautious optimism, Iran's revolution has moved swiftly and apparently successfully to challenge the rule of mullahs.

IRGC terrorists cannot understand the hopes of fostering a peaceful atmosphere. Their life depends on chaos. Once again, the doctrine of violent intimidation challenges the hopes for world order. After thwarting IRGC terrorists, just imagine a region without mullahs, MOIS, Quds Force. This dream can be reached after regime change in Iran.

Erfan Fardis a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and ethnic conflicts in MENA. He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA). Erfan is a Jewish Kurd of Iran, and he is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. / Follow him from this twitter account @EQFARD / The newly published book of Erfan Fard is: “The gruesome mullah” , which has been published in the USA.