Multiple streets in Dusseldorf, Germany that featured names of antisemites and other controversial figures have been renamed.

Eleven streets honoring figures connected with the Nazi regime and antisemitism, and also related to colonialism and militarism, are being given new names.

The roads will be renamed with the participation of the public, the Dusseldorf government said in a release.

“The state capital of Düsseldorf is interested in ensuring that interested citizens, affected residents, companies, institutions, associations, societies or interest groups can inform themselves comprehensively about the project and the process of renaming the historically burdened street names and get involved accordingly.”

The eleven streets include Hans-Christoph-Seebohm-Straße, Heinz-Ingenstau-Straße, Leutweinstraße, Lüderitzstraße, Petersstraße, Pfitznerstraße, Porschestraße, Schlieffenstraße, Wilhelm-Schmidtbonn-Straße, Wissmannstraße and Woermannstraße.

The decision to rename the streets began with a city council measure in September 2021.