Yair Golan
Yair GolanFlash90

Yair Golan, a senior member of the far-left Meretz party, has openly called for mass protests against the government he labels as "evil," writing on Twitter that people should take to the streets, block roads, close their stores, and shut down services in order to express their refusal to let the government have its way.

"My friends, against this evil government there is only one method to be used, and that is a widescale public rebellion," Golan writes. "The destruction of the judiciary, unlimited political appointments, permitting the haredim to do whatever they please using our tax money ... why should we agree to this? Why should we allow this to rain down on our heads, to hit our pockets, to affect our lives? We will never agree to this.

"From tomorrow, we're changing the cassette," he continues. "No more polite protests on Saturday nights. No more lamentations and complaints. Just actions. Just results. Businesses will be shut down, services will come to a halt, roads will be blocked, and this arrogant person who presumes to rule, with the help of corrupt, extreme, and dark forces will be made to realize that the people are sovereign."

Golan added that, "We are the sovereign power and we will decide our fate as a country. The people has the power, and this will not happen without a strong and determined battle."

Meanwhile, a 26-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion that he deliberately drove into an anti-government protest in Beer Sheva, possibly endangering lives. According to accounts, the man drove up onto the sidewalk toward protesters and stopped short before actually reaching them.

Responding to the incident, opposition leader Yair Lapid predicted that, "The government's incitement will exact a price in blood. Today it's reached student protests led by the Yesh Atid society at Ben Gurion University. This dangerous ramming attack committed by someone drunk with power and lunacy promoted by Ben-Gvir and Yariv Levin only by a miracle didn't lead to any injuries. You won't succeed in trampling us down - you won't succeed in trampling down the state we love," he added.