US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan
US National Security Advisor Jake SullivanREUTERS/Leah Millis

Although the Iran nuclear deal will be among the topics he discusses when he meets Prime Minister Netanyahu during a future trip to Israel, U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that for the time being, efforts to revive the deal (opposed by Israel) had been "set aside" in favor of other pressing matters.

Sullivan is currently in Mexico with U.S. President Joe Biden, and did not give a date for a planned trip to Israel. According to a spokesman for the National Security Council, the dates have not been set.

"I'll be going to Israel and [the nuclear deal] will be a substantial topic of discussion when I go," Sullivan told reporters. "We'll have the opportunity to engage deeply with the new Israeli government on the threat posed by Iran. And I think we share the same fundamental objectives. And we will work through any differences we have on tactics, the same way that we have over the course of the past two years."

The United States is currently focusing its attention on the Russia-Ukraine war and its efforts to persuade Iran to stop sending drones to Russia.

For his part, Netanyahu said that, "The time has come for Israel and the United States to be on the same page, and I expect to discuss this with President Biden and his staff. There is now more unanimity on this subject than at any other time."