Sunrise over Mount of Olives
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Presented By: Rav Moshe Davis, written by: Tsvi Levy

Before his death, Yaakov insisted that Yoseph swear to bury him in the Land of Israel and not in Egypt.


Why was it so important for Yaakov to be buried specifically within Eretz Yisrael?

1. Since resurrection will take place only within Eretz Yisrael, those buried abroad will have to endure the suffering of reaching the Land.

2. Burial in the Land connects the departed to the Land and to the nation with an eternal bond.

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Presented by: Ariel Finkelstein, written by: Nir Shaul

At the end of the Book of Kuzari, the Rabbi decides to ascend to the Land of Israel.


The king of the Kazars asks:

  • Why can't the Rabbi fulfill the mitzvot in the land of the Kazars?
  • What does the Land of Israel have that other lands do not?

1. Despite the fact that prophecy and overt miracles no longer exist, encounters with G-d still exist in our times. At all times Eretz Yisrael is enveloped by Divine sanctity.

2. God chose the Land and personally and continually supervises her; therefore, it is only within the Land that perfection can be achieved.

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