Haim Gozali, an IDF veteran, has dedicated his life and career post-service to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and representing Israel on the world’s most important stages: From Madison Square Garden in New York to record-breaking events in Tel Aviv, and at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Gozali represents Israel with pride around the world. Haim holds a 4th degree Jiu Jitsu black belt under Renzo Gracie.

When he entered the room I was a little shocked at the intensity of his look: His body covered in tattoos, his big hands and wide shoulders, he almost looks like what "bad" men are meant to look like.

As soon as he looked at me and we started talking I realized that his looks are really the opposite of his nature: A sweet man, with a lot of patience and spirituality.

Gozali explained to us how he trained his mind to be calm and focused before a match and how winning is not something he must achieve at every match, the important thing is to be focused and learn from every adversary he fights with.

He seems wise and wants to share his knowledge and wisdom in this sport with the younger athletes. Haim's son is also a fighter and he seems very proud of him.

Gozali very much wants to use his position and connection with other big fighters for spreading love and peace. Yes, you heard me well, fighting for love and embracing our enemies instead of pushing them away. A big match in Jerusalem is planned for the next month, where Gozali will be playing against a very harsh adversary. Behind Gozali there will be a Jewish Arab delegation of fans and friends united for peace.

Above all this Gozali promised us at the studio that, just like he did in those famous shots for the Madison Square Garden match where he is portrayed with his talit and tefilin ready for a match, he will remind the huge crowd that will come to see him at Menorah Arena in Tel Aviv to wear tefilin.

Gozali is not only for peace but he also fights in the name of G-d.