נדיה מטר יהודית קצובר
נדיה מטר יהודית קצוברצילום: ערוץ 7
The day of the inauguration of a new right-wing government in the State of Israel is a day on which we must congratulate and extend our wishes to the elected officials – the prime minister, the government ministers, and the members of the Knesset that they will know how to act sensibly, and fervent in their belief in the justness of our path to navigate the ship of Zionism back to its original course.

The path of the new government can be expected to be difficult in the face of a determined tidal wave of foreign and domestic opposition.

The new Netanyahu government has not yet managed to take even one single step and the Left has already launched a frenzied attack from all its divisions, and is storming the government, its principles, and its members in a pincer movement.

They attack through the media, their leftist cohorts in academia, members of the parties of the outgoing government, and members of the legal community, who came down from their ivory tower, and are wielding their swords to declare war against the new right-wing government.

The brutal attack against right-wing leaders and right-wing voters evokes the difficult days after Rabin's assassination. Any opinion expressed that does not correspond with the positions of the Left receives a barrage of accusations, slander, and contempt. The democratic value of accepting the voter's verdict is being trampled by those who are convinced that they have an exclusive monopoly on justice.

In this war, all objectives are sacred in the eyes of the attackers from the Left – religion, education, law, police, security, democracy, immigration, the Law of Return and many more areas, regarding which the combatants on the Left see as absolute darkness in which everything can be anticipated to collapse under the yoke of the new government.

The group attacking from within is joined by a group of those cheering from the outside.

Thomas Friedman fears for our future, the Jordanian king ponders the option of abrogating the peace with us, and even the insults at the World Cup embellish the general criticism.

Everyone is busy frightening us and instilling in us all an awareness of the disaster that is approaching our doorways.

Faced with all this, we, members of the national camp, must all mobilize to declare in a clear, resonant voice: Yes, the time has come for a government of change!

The people in Israel voted with a large majority to produce change. They voted for a political change back to the path of sovereignty and national pride, a change in the Negev and the Galilee, a change in the extortion of protection, a change that will enable all of us to walk securely in the streets, a change that will curb the rising violence, a change that will wipe out the disgrace of weakness in the integrated cities, a change that will curb the insane scope of illegal Arab construction in Judea and Samaria, a change that will strengthen Jewish identity and tradition, a change that will bolster the spirit of patriotism for the citizens of Israel, a change that will strengthen the spirit of the IDF soldiers, a change that will strengthen the belief in the justness of our path, a change in the status of teachers, a change that will restore us to being a normal country that remembers why it was established and why we have returned to it after two thousand years, a country that maintains its Jewish values.

The change in all these areas will not happen on its own. In order for it to happen, people of courage, vision, and leadership are needed, who can translate theory into practice. But they require the support of the people. Their compass is well-calibrated. They know what their objectives are and how the Zionist ship can be navigated to a safe harbor.

However, in the face of blatant and merciless attackers, domestic and foreign, they need us to bolster their spirit, encourage them, remind them that they, indeed, express the will of the overwhelming majority of the people and that we will be there by their side. They will not walk alone on the path leading to the realization of the vision.

Indeed, the religious camp was educated to prioritize quiet and consistent work, one that is not loud and is not tempestuous, does not confront foreigners, but persists drop after drop in the belief that water has the power to erode even stones, and indeed this camp saw in the past and is currently seeing success in its long-term efforts.

Nevertheless, in the new reality it appears that we will need to mobilize forces that are not always in use in our circles and fight back. We must not leave the government to struggle alone in the public arena.

While maintaining a respectful discourse, we will all mobilize, and consider ourselves soldiers in the information and influence battle, to strengthen and encourage every proper step that the new Israeli government will take.