Convicted terrorist murderer Nasser Abu Hamid, who died last week of terminal cancer, was treated in an Israeli hospital at vast cost to the Israeli taxpayer, a new report has revealed.

According to the "This Morning" program aired on Kan Reshet Bet, Abu Hamid's treatment for his cancer cost over 150 thousand shekels. He was treated in Assar Harofeh Hospital for around a year not only with standard chemotherapy but also with the most expensive and advanced immunotherapy protocols that exist, revealed Dr. Osnat Lev Tzion Korach, the hospital's director, speaking out for the first time on the issue.

Responding to allegations from Palestinian-Arab higher-ups that Abu Hamid was the victim of deliberate medical negligence and died due to an "official policy of killing sick security prisoners," Dr. Lev Tzion Korach said that the medical treatment provided within the prison had also been excellent and that prison doctors had been in constant contact with their hospital counterparts.

Nasser Abu Hamid was one of the founders of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and was responsible for the murders of at least seven Israelis.