The murders of Koby Mandell and Yosef Ishran occurred on 8 May 2001, when two Jewish teenagers, Yaakov "Koby" Mandell and Yosef Ishran, were killed on the outskirts of Tekoa where they lived with their families. The identity of the killers has never been determined, though Israel and a number of sources state that unidentified Palestinian Arab terrorists were responsible .

On 8 May 2001, the boys skipped school and went hiking in the Judean desert surrounding their village. At first, their parents did not worry about the boys.

They believed that they had gone to school, and then to Jerusalem to participate in a political demonstration. But when the boys did not come home by midnight, their parents informed the authorities.

The bodies of two boys were discovered the next morning in a cave near the 'West Bank' community where they lived. According to the police, both boys had "been bound, stabbed and beaten to death with rocks".

Sherri Mandell is the mother of Kobi Mandell, she is an Israeli-American author and activist. Sherri Mandell and her husband, Rabbi Seth Mandell, founded the Koby Mandell Foundation, and she wrote a book about the murder - The Blessing of a Broken Heart.

I was anxious to meet Sherri, I had heard so much about her and was surprised when I met her she looked fragile but very dignified and carried with her a sense of peace. It is hard to run an interview and not be moved by the tremendous strength this woman has, even though she says she is not a strong person, yet in my mind, I try to imagine what she and her family must have gone through that famous day her boy was murdered.

Yet, Sherri with her husband always at her side managed to turn all their grief and despair in so many projects, involving and inspiring so many people around the world. The Koby Mandell Foundation is the largest provider of emotional support services for the thousands of bereaved Israelis who have lost an immediate family member to terror or tragedy via multi-faceted therapeutic programs.

The Koby Mandell Foundation knows that laughter and healing are necessary for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Partnering with LA funnyman Avi Liberman and the DJW PRODUCTIONS team of Dena & Jeremy Wimpfheimer, Comedy for Koby, Israel's most popular English stand up comedy tour was born.

Sherri has been going around the world on speaking tours giving strength and inspiration to so many people all over the world. I was so honored to have met her and her smile will stay in my heart.