Areas of Melbourne, Australia were defaced with swastikas only a week before a ban on Nazi symbols becomes law in the state of Victoria.

Nazi graffiti was discovered in the city’s east and Southeast, including two swastikas in Central Gardens in Hawthorn and on a fence in Brighton. A garage in Cheltenham was also vandalized with antisemitic language on Sunday, AAP reported.

Anti-Defamation Commission chair Dvir Abramovich said that other acts of antisemitism have occurred ahead of the ban, including a menorah at Elwood Beach being torn down on Wednesday and thrown into the water.

Abramovich told APP that Nazi symbols and antisemitic statements were purposely being used on the even of the swastika ban to ramp up hatred.

"Although it may be an uncomfortable truth for some, it's time to admit that the juggernaut of antisemitism has reached fever pitch in our nation," he said.

He called the ban taking effect December 29 making it a criminal offence to display swastikas in public in Victoria necessary to combat growing antisemitism.

"We know that threatening gestures can turn violent," he said. "This is everyone's fight and combating white supremacy and intolerance is a cause that we must all sign up for."

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