Ukraine’s capital Kyiv was attacked early Monday morning by “kamikaze drones” that targeted crucial infrastructure.

An alert went out to residents in the middle of the night and air raids sounded as the 35 drones flew over the city, Deutsche Welle reported.

"The enemy is attacking the capital with 'Shahed' barrage ammunition," Kyiv’s military administration posted to Telegram. "The air defense is working."

City officials said that 18 out of 23 drones had been shot down over Kyiv. But the Ukrainian Air Force reported that Russia had sent 35 drones to target the city.

The drones, according to the Air Force, struck key infrastructure inside and near Kyiv. It was Russia’s third attack from the air against Kyiv in less than a week.

The Ukrainian military also announced that air defenses had destroyed 30 drones targeting the city, according to the report.

Energoatom, the country’s atomic energy agency, also reported on Monday that a Russian “kamikaze drone” had flown over the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant shortly after midnight.

"This is an absolutely unacceptable violation of nuclear and radiation safety," Energoatom said in a Telegram post.