If you plan to take your family on a trip to Israel, you must set aside a couple of days to explore the beaches of Tel Aviv. Every beach in Israel is beautiful with its unique set of attractions for tourists. For example, if one beach is known for its water sports, the other is known for its nightlife. However, if you want to relax with your friends and enjoy some water sports on the beach, then the best place to visit would be beach club TLV. Here is why it is different from other clubs and beaches:

Enjoy an exclusive treatment.

The first thing you want to be assured of when visiting a beach in Tel Aviv is exclusive treatment. Most beaches in the city can be pretty crowded during the holiday season, and getting a designated spot for you and your family can be pretty challenging. However, with the beach club TLV, you can be assured that you will have a table reserved for you and your family to relax with your drinks. You do not have to worry about the service as you will have someone waiting on you to ensure that your food and drinks are served at your table. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a perfect afternoon with your family and friends.

A place to enjoy water sports

On most beaches, water sports are separate, and you must make arrangements early on. This means you will have to make the bookings for the water sports you want to participate in and check the requirements you need to fulfill. However, if you plan to visit Hilton beach, the beach club TLV will take care of the water sports.

For example, if you are feeling adventurous and want to enjoy some time doing night surfing on the breakers on the Hilton beach, then all you need to do is inform the servers, and they will help you with the booking. The Surf Club of the beach will help you with the arrangements, and you can enjoy an adrenaline rush surfing on the breakers in the evening.

Best place to try world-class cuisine

What sets the Hilton beach and beach club apart from all the clubs you can visit in Tel Aviv is the food you can enjoy here. You will get to eat the freshest catch and food from worldwide. A world-class chef prepares the club's food; hence, you can be assured that it will be luxurious and delectable. You can enjoy salads, sandwiches, meat, fish, and seafood at the club. The quality and taste of the dishes will be perfect to set the mood for the 'Absolut Sunset' events held in the evening.

Thus, the beach club sets Hilton beach apart from other beaches. Moreover, the services and the food served by the club make it one of the best beach clubs. Therefore, when you visit the beach club, you will find that it is one of the best spent afternoons or evenings of your trip.