A neo-Nazi with a history of support for right-wing extremist groups who was arrested in New York in late November was carrying a ghost gun and wearing body armor at the time, according to Raw Story.

Luke Kenna, 43, was arrested on November 26 during a routine traffic stop, according to court documents. The defendant had previously posted support online for white supremacist groups and “domestic terrorist manifestos.”

According to court documents, Kenna was initially pulled over for a bad tail light.

But during the traffic stop, police discovered a loaded ghost gun tucked into the man’s pants. He was also wearing body armor.

Kenna was charged with possession of a loaded firearm, the unlawful wearing of body armor, and driving without a license, the report said.

Vice News reported that there are “numerous neo-Nazi links to Kenna,” – who runs a business selling weapons and offering tactical training – including Instagram posts featuring neo-Nazi symbols and a connection to the extremist Wolves of Vinland group.