David Bedein
David BedeinEliran Aharon

Hannukah, a time which marks the miracle of Jews who rose up against all odds, is a fitting time to establish Israel's new government, a perfect time to begin meeting its challenges, among them:

1. The Palestinian Security Forces (PSF), trained by the IDF under the direction of the US and Canada to fight Arab terrorists, who now carry out daily attacks through the PSF elite unit known as the Al Aqsa Brigades. Yet the US, Canada and Israel continue full security coordination with the training of the PSF. (1)

2. With the knowledge of the governments of Israel, Canada and the US, the Palestinian Authority has enacted and enforced unprecedented legislation to provide a salary-for-life for anyone who murders a Jew. (2)

While the media has widely reported that the PA simply pays killers, the media plays down the PA law which legislates automatic payments for anyone who murders a Jew.

While the government of Israel now reduces allocations to the PA according to the amount that the PA pays convicted killers, that mechanism simply allows Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others to fill in the cash flow gap for convicted felons. As a journalist, I asked the outgoing Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid if Israel would demand that the PA repeal the law that provides a salary for life for anyone who murders a Jew, which functions as an incentive to kill. The answer, in writing was "no comment" .

3. With full knowledge of the Israeli government, the Palestinian Authority Education Ministry has created a new curriculum which indoctrinates children to make war on the Jews. (3) I asked spokespeople for the outgoing Israeli governments if they would demand that that the PA revise this curriculum. Asked the government of Israel if it will ask that the PA remove the PA textbook from 2018 that displays Dalal Al Mugrabi, who murdered 35 Jews, including 12 children, as a role model for the next generation. (4)

4. UNRWA allocates a $1.6 billion budget to service 6.7 million descendants of Arab refugees in 59 “temporary” refugee camps, while inculcating their “right of return” to villages which existed before 1948...by force of arms. I asked spokespeople for the US and Israeli governments if they favored a change in this UNRWA policy goal (5). The response: Negative.

5. Meanwhile, PA texts used by UNRWA now feature 120 new maps that replace any Jewish presence with Arabic names – on both sides of the 1967 line – constituting a new form of Judenrein. (6) I asked spokespeople for the past governments of Israel if they would ask UNRWA to use standard maps in schools under the auspices of the UN to depict geographic details of each UN member state, including Israel. The answer was negative.

How to get these issues into the public eye:

Action items. These are the steps that we will place these issues in the public eye

1. Activate families whose loved ones have been murdered by Arab terrorists to conduct vigils in front of foreign and Israel TV news bureaus to demand news coverage of the continuing enforcement of the PA Pay for Slay law, which provides an unreported incentive for murder.

2. Shine the public spotlight on the unprecedented PA law that provides salaries for life for anyone who murders a Jew.

3. Launch an international campaign to force the PA to repeal that law, or lose all aid.

3. Dispatch a TV crew to film PA/UNRWA schools in session at this time.

4. Produce a movie: How the US, Canada & Israel train PSF, now launching attacks on Jews.

Full disclosure: My favorite professor of community organization social work, Professor Eliezer Jaffe, coined a phrase which has become a life motto


This is an uphill fight to achieve a victory of the few against the mighty, in the spirit of Hanukkah.

David Bedein is director of Israel Resource News Agency and heads the Center for Near East Policy Research, which has a long record of fighting for these iissues. He is author of Genesis of the Palestinian Authority and Roadblock to Peace: How the UN Perpetuates the Arab-Israeli Conflict: UNRWA Policies Reconsidered..