Last Friday, a coyote attacked a two-year-old Israeli girl in the Woodland Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

Footage from the security cameras at the Israeli family's home shows the toddler's father, Ariel Eliyahu, parking the car in front the house and taking his little daughter out, after picking her up from her preschool.

Ariel went to take the toddler's toys out of the car, when a coyote quickly ran towards her and knocked her to the pavement. The animal bit the toddler several times and dragged her across the sidewalk as she screamed and cried.

Ariel heard his daughter's cries and ran to rescue her, while shouting and cursing in Hebrew. After he managed to get his daughter out of the animal's teeth, Ariel tried to throw a bottle of water at the coyote, which fled.

"I heard the screams and the crying, and I thought she had fallen," said Ariel. "Then I saw the coyote there." The girl's mother, Shira Eliyahu said: "I saw her pants covered in blood. So I took them off and exposed all the scratches on her legs."

The child was taken to the hospital, where she received a rabies shot and is now recovering from the attack.