Some of the items taken from imprisoned Fatah terrorists
Some of the items taken from imprisoned Fatah terroristsIsrael Prisons Service

A planned operation by the Israel Prisons Service led to the confiscation of mobile phones, knives, and screwdrivers held by imprisoned terrorists.

The operation began following an tipoff received that one of the prisoners had given an interview to the media, making statements of incitement following the elimination of two wanted terrorists in Jenin.

The operation took place in the Ketziot Prison, between Wednesday and Friday, and focused on the Fatah group's Department 22. In it, prison wardens found 10 usable radios and mobile phones, as well as headsets and dozens of SIM cards, hidden in a clothes dryer and a ventilation machine.

Fatah, the party of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, has officially denounced terrorism, but in 2014 declared it would return to terror, and earlier this year took responsibility for a terror attack. In 2018, the movement equated itself to Hamas, saying that if Hamas is a terror organization, so is Fatah.

In addition to the communications devices, a number of weapons were also confiscated, which could have been used against the prison staff. Devices were also found hidden in the track of the cell's window frame. Wardens discovered the hiding places and found five screwdrivers in a common space, as well as a Japanese knife in a bag, microphones, homemade headsets, and SIM adapters.

Thus far, eight dominant prisoners have been placed in punishment, and the rest of the prisoners have been scattered throughout the department until the conclusion of the operation.