Department of Homeland Security
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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned in a terrorism advisory bulletin on Wednesday about ongoing threats to the American Jewish community from domestic extremists.

The advisory also cautioned that the LGBT and migrant communities were also in danger from extremists, NBC News reported.

A senior DHS officials said during a briefing that Americans who have become radicalized by violent ideologies are a “persistent and lethal threat.”

The advisory was a summary of the latest terrorism threats from domestic extremists. The document has been updated every six months since the Jan. 6 Capitol riots in 2021.

The advisory stressed that there continues to be an “enduring threat” against the American Jewish community.

The senior DHS official confirmed that recent antisemitic remarks by Kanye West have led to increased threats against the Jewish community. The official added that any celebrity or high profile figure who makes similar statements encourages violence from extremists.