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The lifeless body of four-month-old Shterna Sara, the daughter of Rabbi Asher Federman, the Chabad emissary to the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas, was retrieved from the water after she drowned on Tuesday night.

Rabbi Federman's wife, Henya, was also retrieved from the water without a pulse, but after resuscitation efforts by the local emergency services, she was transported to the hospital in serious condition. Her life is still currently at risk.

Emergency services were called to the local marina after civilians noticed the mother and child in the water. After rescuing and resuscitation the mother, the rescue workers were notified that the infant was still in the water and they began searching for her.

The mother and daughter were brought in serious condition to the local Schnider Hospital, where four-month-old Shterna was pronounced dead and Henya was hospitalized in very serious condition.

According to unconfirmed reports, Henya noticed that her daughter fell into the water and together with her husband jumped in after her in an attempt to save her, but unfortunately, Henya got stuck under water.

Rabbi Federman received the terrible news and is being assisted by local support services. The couple has 12 children in addition to Shterna.