The European Jewish Congress (EJC) on Wednesday applauded Germany for adopting its first national strategy for combating antisemitism.

The German government’s National Strategy against Antisemitism and for Jewish Life (NASAS) was announced in Berlin earlier this week.

The EJC called the plan “vital” for fighting antisemitism in the country.

“We warmly welcome the release of the first-ever National Strategy against Antisemitism and for Jewish Life in Germany,” the ECJ said in a statement.

They described it as “an unprecedented and vital document to significantly reduce antisemitism and foster Jewish life in Germany.”

The strategy was written by Germany’s Commissioner against Antisemitism and for Jewish Life Felix Klein.

It underscores the importance the German government places on the issue of fighting antisemitism, the Central Council of Jews in Germany said. The fact that Jewish organization were involved in the creation of the strategy also indicates that the government wanted to include the perspective of the Jewish community in crafting the plan, they added.

“The emphasis on the perspective of those affected is an important sign for the Jewish community in Germany at the right time,” Council President Josef Schuster said.

“The strategy takes up important issues, such as the joint recommendation on dealing with antisemitism in schools, which was developed by the Central Council of Jews, the antisemitism commissioners of the federal and state governments and the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs.”