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Trump's sudden embrace of anti-Semites has many of us disillusioned. Here was a man who did all the right things for Israel and the Jewish People when he was in the White House.

Through the years, Hashem has always sent our way a gentile to stand by our side. Sometimes, it was the most unlikely of gentiles. In 1948, who would have thought that Joseph Stalin, via Czechoslovakia, would be the only one to give arms to the Jewish State in her war for Independence. (Harry Truman, the American President whom Jews love, placed an embargo on all arms to Palestine at that time).

Following that great lover of Zion, Joseph Stalin, it was the French who backed us. The daring preemptive strike Israel struck Egypt in the miraculous Six Day War was accomplished with French Mirage fighter planes. But immediately following the war, France aligned itself to the Arab countries, and even refused to deliver Mirage jets that Israel had paid for in full. Only after France ditched us as an ally, did the United States eventually become the major weapons supplier to Israel.

The point is, there was always somebody - Hashem is looking out for us.

I recall in the early 1980's being excited about a Ronald Reagan presidency, since he had a real good record regarding Israel as governor of California. He was also taking Alexander Haig as his secretary of State, the same Alexander Haig who basically saved Israel in the Yom Kippur War. During that time, Haig was President Nixon's Chief of Staff, and when everyone else was foot-dragging making the Jews of Israel "bleed a little bit", Haig opened up the munition stores and delivered massive arms to Israel.

I expressed my optimism about a Reagan administration to Rabbi Kahane, who had just spoken on my campus. The Rabbi took the wind out of my sails fast. "Don't get your hopes up, you can't get too excited about anybody". Indeed, Reagan may have been great for America, but he was hardly a friend to Israel. He pressured Begin relentlessly, especially following Begin's bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor, and Haig was no better. They both prevented Begin and Sharon from wiping out the PLO in Lebanon, and Israel was stuck in a murderous Lebanon quagmire for years.

Haig had already served his purpose when he helped us in 1973, just as France served its purpose with its Mirage Jets in 1967. Even Stalin did his part. But that was it. Somehow, Hashem put it into their minds to help Israel at some critical point in time - and then it was over. "Assyria is the stick of my wrath". That's how a Jew looks at world events. The gentile leader is a rod in Hashem's hand, a mere vehicle.

Trump did his good. But don't expect much more. He served his purpose, just like Stalin, France and Haig did. Hashem works through natural means, and he orchestrates events so that certain leaders or nations may help Israel. But we aren't supposed to get our hopes up, or expect them to be our saviors.

Lenny Goldbergmade aliya in 1985 and has lived in Tapuach in Samaria for most of that time. Before aliiya, he studied in Rabbi Binyamin Kahane Hy"d's yeshiva and later wrote the book "Wit and Wisdom of Rabbi Kahane." He and his wife have 8 children.