The destruction
The destructionCourtesy of Behadrey Haredim

The Amshinov hasidic community in Modi'in Illit's Brachfeld neighborhood is fuming at the destruction of the community's synagogue by a neighbor who, according to their reports, also desecrated the synagogue's holy books.

According to Behadrey Haredim, the synagogue was a mobile structure which had been set up illegally in an abandoned parking lot.

Neighbors thereafter became angry at the setup, and it was agreed that the site would be evacuated in an organized fashion within 15 days.

However, on Monday morning, the hasidim reported that they arrived at the synagogue and found that an unknown person had called in a tractor and destroyed the structure, while desecrating the holy books which were at the site. The hasidim estimate that the individual responsible for the damage is one of the neighbors who had previously expressed anger at the synagogue.

"This is extremely serious vandalism, it's hard to see a synagogue desecrated in such a manner, with the Holy Ark and Torah scrolls," one hasid said. "We acted according to the law and we committed ourselves to evacuating on time. A neighbor who acted on his own took apart the caravan in an scandalous fashion."

A complaint has been filed with Israel Police.