Scene of Holon stabbing
Scene of Holon stabbingMDA spokesperson

Daria, the daughter of Yuri Wolkov, who was stabbed to death in Holon, on Monday responded to the apology made by the man suspected of murdering her father.

"I do not believe a single sentence of his, a single word of his, a single body movement," she said. "I do not believe anything he says or does. Everything that he says and does is thanks to his attorney, who tells him how to act with everyone. He is not saying this of his own volition."

"I will tell you the truth: I do not believe in the court," she told 103 FM Radio. "I saw a lot of cases and a lot of hearings. I have read a lot, I have seen that in a lot of cases that were very serious, people are let out easily, they sweep it under the rug."

"I expect that in this case, there will be no sweeping under the rug. I expect that [MK Itamar] Ben-Gvir as well will not hide this case, and that it will become the flagship case for the State of Israel and Israel Police, in order to prevent additional tragedies, of families which could have been in our place in this situation.

"Murder deserves a life sentence. You murdered? Pay. Sit in prison. There is nothing else."