IDF soldiers in Hebron
IDF soldiers in HebronWisam Hashlamoun/Flash90

Honenu attorneys Adi Keidar and Moshe Polski, who are representing IDF soldiers attacked by a group of leftist activists, have called to distance anarchist leftist activists from Hebron and its environs.

According to them, the anarchists' activities disrupt the activities of security forces and encourage hostile enemy sources to carry out disruptions of order.

Keidar explained, "The picture that is being shown is partial and tendentious. The soldier carried out the arrest of a civilian who with others had disrupted routine operations, attacked and cursed soldiers. The civilian was detained but refused and opposed the detention, and in the end also escaped custody and was even seen picking up a suspicious object, which forced the soldier to use force."

"The activities of the leftist anarchists in this area disturb security forces and encourage sources of hostile enemy activity to carry out disruptions of order, supported by the anarchist activities. The military and police need to act determinedly to distance these activists from the area."

Polski said, "My client is an amazing soldier, fighting day and night for the security of Israel. My client and his friends were threatened, abused, and attacked by anarchist activists, who arrived at the scene and aroused provocations."

"We will act to bring these activists to justice. We will not allow our soldiers to be trampled and scorned. We will stand up for the rights of my client, who only wanted to do his part to protect the people and the land."

On Friday, IDF soldiers from the Givati Brigade were suspended for responding with violence to what the soldiers have said were provocations, including violent, by leftist activists.

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi said in an open letter that, "Incidents such as these tarnish the name of the unit in which the soldier serves, the name of the IDF and the name of the State of Israel. I am aware of the complicated reality in which you operate and the challenges you are faced with. It is truly complex, but properly balancing the operation of force and the restraint of force is part of the professionalism and set of values expected of a soldier and a commander. The vast majority of IDF soldiers do not behave this way; on the contrary, abnormal behavior such as this requires denunciation and severe punishment."