Scene of the Holon stabbing attack
Scene of the Holon stabbing attackMDA spokesperson

The individual arrested Friday night on suspicion of murdering Yuri Wolkov has been named as Adi Mizrachi, a 22-year-old resident of Holon.

Wolkov was stabbed to death earlier this week, while on his way to work in Ichilov Hospital.

Initially, at the court hearing, Mizrachi was accused of "negligent manslaughter." However, after debates and criticism, it was decided to accuse him of murder, connection to the committing of a crime, disrupting legal processes, and not attempting to aid the victim following the act.

The court has decided to extend Mizrachi's arrest by six days.

Police detectives on Thursday raided Mizrachi's home, and within a short time were able to lay hands on him.

Upon entering the home's courtyard, the police were met by Mizrachi's pitbull, who it is suspected was trained to attack strangers. As police forces entered the home, the dog began attacking them, biting two of the detectives, who later required medical treatment. The dog was then shot in the leg by one of the detectives, who succeeded in neutralizing him.

Ulpan Shishi reported that according to police sources, Mizrachi planned to escape Israel, and even to hide the motorcycle he had been riding at the time of the killing.