A Jewish man who lives in Calgary, Alberta was verbally assaulted by an antisemite as he was walking a dog.

Gary Broom, who is a professional dog walker, was walking the dog near its owners' home on November 12 when a man verbally assaulted him, swearing at him and screaming antisemitic abuse, he told Global News.

Broom recounted that the assailant screamed at him: “The Holocaust never happened. It was a hoax.”

“He hurled so many disgusting antisemitic insults and threats of violence that I called the police,” he said.

Broom described that the man’s screaming as so loud his clients heard it and came out of their house.

He added that he confronted the man over his antisemitic vitriol but decided to call the police when the situation continued to escalate.

The antisemite also began to scream at the his clients, an elderly couple who are also Jewish. They live across the street from the man.

He was charged by police with criminal harassment.

“My clients obviously feel unsafe in their own home with this guy living directly across the street. They fear for their property, their dog, their personal safety,” Broom said.