Demolition of illegal structure (illustrative)
Demolition of illegal structure (illustrative)Wisam Hashlamoun, Flash 90

Inspectors from the Civil Administration and Border Police officers with demolition equipment raided the Nahalat Zvi hilltop outpost near the community of Mikhmas in the Binyamin region Thursday morning and began evicting the residents, one family and a group of single men, from their homes.

The force arrived together with an IDF truck which took the residents' personal belongings.

IDF Central Command chief Yehuda Poked declared the area a closed military zone to prevent Jewish presence at Nahalat Zvi.

The hilltop outpost was settled a month and a half ago by a family and a group of young men who maintain a study hall while developing the outpost and building infrastructure that would allow additional families to join the community.

Residents of the outpost criticized the destruction: "The terrorists who carried out the murderous terror attack yesterday are still walking around freely, but the security forces think that the real existential threat is a group of Jewish pioneers who protect the nation's lands from Arab domination. The State has lost its way."

MK Limor Son Har-Melech (Otzma Yehudit) commented on the demolition of the outpost: "The destruction of the Cohen family's house in Nahalat Zvi this morning, only a day after the murderous terror attack, is the continuation of [outgoing Defense Minister Benny] Gantz's weak policy. Benefits for the Palestinian Authority and the destruction of Jewish settlements. The incoming government will work to change this and lead a true right-wing policy of Zionist settlement and support for our pioneers who look after the nation's land."