scene of the bombing in Jerusalem  
scene of the bombing in JerusalemYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Dr. Col. (res.) Moshe Elad, the former Israeli Security Coordinator with the Palestinian Authority, said in an interview with Israel National News - Arutz Sheva that it was extremely unlikely that Wednesday morning's deadly double bombing in Jerusalem originated in Jerusalem due to the effectiveness of security mechanisms to prevent the smuggling of the weapons used in the attack.

According to Dr. Elad, the cell which carried out the attack most likely came from eastern Jerusalem, and it is very possible that they were Hamas terrorists who learned from Hezbollah in Lebanon how to coordinate an attack with multiple bombings. He further stated that he believes the cell may have been funded by Saleh Arouri, a Hamas military leader and financier living in Turkey.

According to him, such groups have already demonstrated terrorist capabilities in the past while exploiting the almost unlimited freedom of movement enjoyed by eastern Jerusalem residents. Arouri himself, Dr. Elad said, has argued many times in the past that the Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem should make greater use of their Israeli identity cards and license plates which Palestinian Authority residents do not have.

He noted that today's attack required careful preparation, financing, training, and coordination, unlike lone-wolf stabbing or ramming attacks.

Arouri, who was appointed as Hamas' leader in Judea and Samaria in 2021 has been living in Turkey since November 2021. Dr. Elad said that Turkey is not happy with Arouri for the problems he brings them.

"I am surprised he is still alive," Dr. Elad said. "People like him are often on the counter-terror map. He gives us no less trouble than Abu Jihad did. His day will come."