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It’s bad enough that a cabal of liberal elite are denying their fellow Americans freedom by stuffing ballots and manipulating elections. What’s worse is that they are stealing our freedom in Israel by trying to deny us the right to form a government elected by the people.

The arrogant elite are dictating to us who we can and cannot appoint as ministers. Our brave soldiers and policemen who protect our women and children are being told by the San Francisco Reform Sisterhood that doing their job is racist, and not honorable. They now have to report to the FBI.

Do we really need this?

We are not the Evil Hypocrites

They have time to nitpick us, but where is the outrage against Iran?

The Mullahs are chopping off heads left and right to deny women freedom of expression. But the Ayatollah Khemeni, a demon behind the death of tens of thousands of innocent people, continues to make his case on your Smartphone using his Facebook account.

One hears talk about the “weird” election of 2022, but it wasn’t weird.

In Israel, to vote you have to present a photo ID and sign your name. The right won with 53% of the free and fair election. The only state in America with the same voting standards was Florida. There, the Republicans won 60% of the vote, and flipped four districts Republican.

The rest of the country? Early voting. Late ballots. Unobserved drop boxes. Do the math.

In 2024, Joe Biden will defeat President Donald J. Trump or whoever runs with 43% of the vote.

We no longer face an unfriendly administration. We face an unfriendly America.

There will never be another Republican President without an armed rebellion.

Let them keep their military aid. It’s nothing more than a golden dog leash. Their charity amounts to less than 1% of our economy.
It’s time to rethink our alliance with America.

Let them keep their military aid. It’s nothing more than a golden dog leash. Their charity amounts to less than 1% of our economy.

It might be hard, but we will manage.

The CIA said that to produce the amount of intelligence they get from us, they would need to create four more CIAs. The annual budget of the CIA is $90 billion. If we are saving them over a quarter trillion dollars, why don’t we start charging for intelligence?

That will fill the gap.

Without the Foggy Bottom branch of the San Francisco elite telling us what to do, we will have breathing space to make wiser decisions.

We can show open preference to Jews living in a Jewish country.

We can ease the housing crisis by building a million homes in central Israel (Yesha).

We can annex all we want. If Lebanon, Jordan, or Syria get too bold, we can conquer or at least subdue them. They are a part of the Land of Israel Hashem promises to Avraham.

We can be brutal to our enemies inside and out, but fair to law abiding Arabs in pre-1967 Israel and Judea and Samaria..

We can play hardball with Ukraine, who murdered over a million Jews in the Holocaust. Even after their atrocities, we still gave them humanitarian aid – only to watch them vote for prosecuting us in the UN. We can tell these bastards they’re on their own.

We can build up our own defense industry. We can make our own home-grown arsenal so the American military can’t neuter us in the middle of a war like Obama did in 2014.

We can enact Jewish public sphere laws. We can ban all nonessential public sphere activity on Shabbat and Yom Tov. We can enact a blanket ban on all non-Kosher meat throughout the entire Land (Think halal in Jordan).

We can restore Torah civil law as the only religious law of the Land.

We can ban, once and for all, every form of perversion America forces upon us.

The losers of the west may not want to be great again, but we Jews of Israel most certainly do.

Noah walked with God. Hashem chose Noah over everyone on earth. Avraham walked with God. God favored him over Nimrod – the king of the earth. When the Hasmoneans stood up to the Hellenists, the Americans of their day, God blessed them with miracles for standing up for His world, and not theirs.

In the Shema, which we recite every day, we pray to the God Who rescued us from Egypt to serve Him. If we do the same in our day, choosing GOD over USA, our King will rescue us too.

It’s time for us to "make His Will like our will, so that He will make our will like His will. We will nullify our will before His Will, so that He will nullify the will of others before our will." (Ethics of the Fathers 2:4)

Let’s stand with God.

It’s time to change sides.

David Ben Horin lives in Afula with his family, a budding high-tech center, millions of sunflowers, and Matilda, our local camel. David's Israeli startup, Center Stage Content, creates SEO and ROI-driven content that is easy to digest across all your company's web assets to make your business the star of the show.