Qatar World Cup
Qatar World CupiStock

Aharon Haliwa, head of the IDF's Military Intelligence Directorate, has warned that Iran is considering disrupting the World Cup.

Speaking at an INSS conference, Haliwa said, "These are the days of the World Cup. We need to say that Iran is on the entire field, and also under the field. We need to look at the events - their speed and their strength. Iran is considering whether or not to disrupt the World Cup games in Qatar."

"What is stopping them," he added, "is the concern over how the Qataris will react."

"In London they are preparing for an Iranian attack, the US is preparing for Iranian terror," he added. "Still, I am not convinced that the world understands the power of the terror which the Iranians bring, on a global scale."

Haliwa also emphasized that Iran is advancing in its plans to enrich uranium, noting that "the world is not taking effective steps" to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.