Lee Zeldin
Lee ZeldinREUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Over the past few months, the New York Times has published a slew of articles attacking the Orthodox education system in New York.

In an apparent attempt to continue the onslaught, NYT investigative reporter Jay Root took to Twitter on Monday to call on alumni of the hasidic and Orthodox education system to share their stories. Attached to the tweet was a link to a form on the NYT website where alumni can share their experiences.

Among those who replied to Root's tweet was New York congressman and gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin. In a retweet posted on Wednesday, Zeldin called out the reporter, stating: "I’ll help… 1. Yeshivas proudly teach right from wrong. 2. Their students have very high attendance rates. 3. Many students continue their education. 4. Yeshiva graduates live law-abiding lives almost entirely."

The congressman added that he hopes Root includes his statement in the "hit piece."

Lee Zeldin was not the only one to express outrage over the request: Social media influencer Rabbi Mordechai Lightstone commented on Root's tweet, writing, "I'm glad to see you asking. With the spike in antisemitism, we need food (sic) stories about Jews." Adding that he went to a hasidic school, Lightstone emphasized that he "had an amazing time. I feel I grew as a person and live a life I find deeply meaningful from my education."