Netanyahu at book launch
Netanyahu at book launchShalev Shalom/TPS

Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday evening launched his book, “Bibi: My Story”, at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem.

At the event, Netanyahu was awarded a "Platinum book" certificate, after over 40,000 copies of the book were sold in a short period of time.

Netanyahu decided not to invite members of the Knesset to his book launch event, but rather publishers, writers, journalists and some family acquaintances.

"In my political life I died three times. 1999, death. 2006 - we lost. Death. And a year and a half ago, you remember. And what obituaries! They weren't so nice. How did one of the commentators say? ‘A footnote’. Not every person receives obituaries three times in his life. I wrote [in the book] the purpose of my life, to ensure the security, prosperity and success of the Jewish state. This is a thread that runs through the fabric of our family," he said at the event.

The chairman of the Israeli Association of Book Publishers, Bini Trivaks, said that the book's sales are an unprecedented achievement. "Netanyahu is an established writer, we call on him to continue to encourage the younger generation to read because we know that they read less. If we want them to read ‘Bibi: My Story Part 2’ in the future, they should start reading now."

Rotem Sella, founder of Sella Meir Publishing which published the book, said, "The second most important thing a statesman can do, after leading a nation, is to educate about knowing reality. The book creates a meeting that allows to continue the chain of transmission of a political legacy, which is essential for the prosperity and security of our people."