NetanyahuLikud spokesperson

A number of world leaders contacted Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday to congratulate him on his victory in last week's election for the 25th Knesset.

This evening the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, called Netanyahu. Netanyahu assured bin Zayed that the relations between the countries will flourish even more after the historic peace agreement that the two reached together in 2020.

Sheikh bin Zayed invited Netanyahu to visit the UAE.

Prime Minister-designate Netanyahu responded to his request and told him: "We have achieved a historic peace agreement between us and we have a lot more to achieve together for the benefit of both countries and for the benefit of the entire world. I would be happy to visit you soon and promote our relations, dear friend."

Earlier, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni called Netanyahu. The two discussed an upcoming meeting between the two governments, Italy's support for Israel's policy in international forums and the deepening of ties and relations between the countries.

In addition, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a letter to expected Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated him on his victory.

The letter reads: "I congratulate you on your victory in the elections and believe that the new government will continue the cooperation between our countries in all fields, in a way that will bring peace and stability to our region."

Netanyahu's bloc of right-wing and religious parties received a combined 64 seats in last week's election, giving them a clear majority. Netanyahu is expected to receive the mandate to form the next government from President Isaac Herzog as early as this coming Sunday