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Kyrie IrvingMarty Jean-Louis/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect

Over 200 leaders from the entertainment industry have signed an open letter released by the non-profit entertainment industry organization Creative Community For Peace calling on Jeff Bezos, James Daunt, and other leaders at Amazon and Barnes & Noble to remove the antisemitic documentary and book, “Hebrews to Negroes” from their respective platforms.

Since Kyrie Irving posted a Tweet with a link to the documentary and book, it has become a bestseller. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have refused to remove the title and continue to profit from its bigotry.

Among 200+ signers of the open letter, which was made public Thursday, are Mila Kunis (actress), Debra Messing (actress), Mayim Bialik (actress), Sherry Lansing (former CEO of Paramount Pictures), Tracy-Ann Oberman (actress), Emmanuelle Chriqui (actress), Haim Saban (Chairman & CEO, Saban Capital Group), Orly Marley (President, Tuff Gong Worldwide), Rick Rosen (Co-Founder, Endeavor), David Draiman (Frontman, Disturbed), Nina Tassler (producer and partner/Co-Founder, PatMa Productions); Diane Warren (songwriter, producer), Iliza Shlesinger (comedian), and Ben Silverman (Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Propagate Content).

Addressed to leaders at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the letter reads, “After more than a week of private messages and public calls to take the fallacious book and movie “Hebrews to Negroes” from your sites, you have so far refused to act.”

The statement’s signers are among the first in the entertainment industry to publicly and collectively call for the removal of the film, hoping to eliminate future radicalization and indoctrination.

“At a time in America where there are more per capita hate crimes against Jews than any other minority, overwhelmingly more religious-based hate crimes against the Jewish people than any other religion, and more hate crimes against the Jewish people in New York than any other minority, where a majority of American Jews live, it is unacceptable to allow this type of hate to foment on your platforms,” the letter continues.

“Respected platforms and companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have a choice,” says Ari Ingel, Director of Creative Community for Peace. “They can either continue to profit off of hatred and antisemitism, while turning a blind eye to the fears of the Jewish community, or they can choose to be an ally, and stand on the right side of history. While free speech is vital, corporations don’t need to help facilitate the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories that threaten the Jewish community. We implore them to take the prudent, responsible steps needed to remove this content.”