Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedCourtesy of Channel 13 News

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked told Channel 13 News in an interview on Wednesday that she is taking a break from political life but not retiring from it completely.

"I see it as a break of a few years, I will come back," Shaked stated.

When asked about her decision to run in the last election to the end, despite the low chances of her party passing the electoral threshold, she replied, "In the end, we did not succeed in passing the electoral threshold. We fought as part of the right-wing camp, but in the end the right-wing public in the State of Israel voted for other parties, those that were in the opposition. I am glad that such a government is now being formed and I hope that they will take advantage the opportunity and do good things. The Override Clause is something that I started to promote already in 2013. I assume that this is something that will be done."

Shaked claimed that in the last days before the elections, she received from the Likud the blessing to continue to run.

"Netanyahu understood that it was good for the bloc, so it is good for them as well," she said and stressed that she was not promised anything in return for running all the way and also did not ask the Likud for anything.

She admitted that "heading up to the elections, we knew that the chances were very low. It was a very important message, that if I decide to fight, I will fight to the end. I received thousands of messages before the elections and after the elections, from people who were happy that they could put a Jewish Home slip in the ballot box."

Shaked said that she does not regret the establishment of the outgoing government. "At that point in time, the alternative was either to form this government, for which I knew I would pay a heavy political price, or to go to another election, when at that point in time, after Netanyahu had failed to form a government four times, and after he had already legitimized Ra'am, if there were another election, the left and the Arabs would have formed a government. I made a decision based on what I thought was right for the country. My apology was for breaking my promises."

She also said that the chances of her cooperating politically with Naftali Bennett in the future are low.

"There are some choices he made that I think were wrong, it's no secret. We look at things differently. He is testifying that he entered the government and came out a different person."