Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The negotiations to form the next government will pick up steam tomorrow as negotiators from the Likud, Religious Zionism, Shas, and United Torah Judaism parties will meet to formulate an outline for a coalition agreement.

Meanwhile, Channel 12 News reported that the next government is expected to include at least 30 ministers, not including deputy ministers, out of 64 MKs who will make up the coalition.

The outgoing government had 27 ministers out of 61 MKs before the government collapsed.

Under the 'Norwegian Law,' MKs who become ministers can resign from the Knesset to allow others from their party lists to take their place in the legislature.

President Isaac Herzog is expected to task Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu with the task of forming the next government following his consultations with the leaders of the parties elected to the Knesset. Netanyahu may receive the mandate to form the government as early as Sunday.

Netanyahu has expressed his desire to swear in the new government as quickly as possible, possibly at the same time as the new Knesset is sworn in.