John Fetterman
John FettermanREUTERS

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is projected to win an open Senate seat, defeating Dr. Mehmet Oz and flipping the hitherto Republican seat, which is being vacated by retiring two-term senator Pat Toomey.

Fox News called the race in favor of Fetterman Wednesday morning, with 92% of the vote counted, showing Fetterman leading Oz by two points, 49.8% to 47.8%.

Fetterman, former mayor of Braddock, has served as lieutenant governor since 2019.

The Democrat suffered a stroke this May, impeding his ability to communicate verbally.

Fetterman’s victory in the Pennsylvania gives Democrats one pickup in the Senate, a serious setback for Republican efforts to retake control of the upper chamber of Congress.

Democrats currently lead in the Senate projections with 48 seats, compared to just 47 for the GOP.

Five races remain too close to call, including Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. Republicans will have to win four of the five races to win control of the Senate.

Oz, a surgeon and television personality, was backed by former President Donald Trump.