It is astounding to me that any Jewish organization abroad thinks it could possibly influence the decisions of the prime minister of Israel with regard to who he “allows” to become a minister in the next government!

With all due respect to all those Jews who hold Israel dear, if you want to influence the direction of the government with your “vote” then join us here and become an Israeli citizen like the rest of us who have made that choice. You can’t have it both ways. The values we hold dear are JEWISH, not western liberal values per se. And when democracy and Judaism conflict we see no contradiction…

This is THE Jewish State.

Ben Gvir, like Netanyahu and every other politician, has his shortcomings but he won 14 seats because many share his views. That is democracy too.

Perhaps the values you hold dear are more American than Jewish. Perhaps that is why you choose to live there, not here. We love you, you are our brothers and sisters, but your influence has its limits. What will you do? Withhold your support and love for Israel if Ben Gvir becomes a minister? Do you think for a minute “we the people” would tolerate your interference? With 14 seats do you actually believe he can be ignored?

Seems you had no problem with the anti-Israel Arabs who sat in the Knesset, ironically enough. Get used to it. Ben Gvir must be a minister and you must understand as much as we love you there are limits to your influence.

Perhaps it is you who must think hard and long how such staunch Zionists, as you claim to be, can still justify living outside the Land of Israel. Perhaps it is time to come home and vote for the party of your choice.

Chaya Gross feels blessed to call Jerusalem home for decades. She shares her opinions in various outlets on the web and can be reached at[email protected]