The chairman of the GOP in Israel, Attorney Marc Zell, discussed today's midterm elections in the US with INN - Arutz-7.

Zell scolds US President Biden for taking six days to congratulate Israel's projected Prime Minister-elect, Benjamin Netanyahu. "Almost every major leader in the Western world immediately called to congratulate Netanyahu but he waited...and I think that was on purpose." "Biden is a very weak president," continues Zell. "Most people understand that he serves as a front for a few very accomplished politicians including (former President Barack) Obama and we all know that Obama doesn't like Netanyahu and has a problem with Israel."

"Netanyahu is a very accomplished politician and will do everything he can to keep frictions with the US behind the scene," explains Zell when asked about the future of US-Israel relations.

Zell says that if the Republicans regain control of Congress in the midterms, the GOP, "will have something to say" about a possible return to the Iran Deal which, "tricked Americans in the first place."

GOP candidate Lee Zeldin "could win" the NY gubernatorial race, he points out, because residents of the city are "experiencing an extraordinary rise in crime," and, "simply don't feel safe." According to Zell, Democrats have a "disconnect from reality," simply not willing to admit that the crime wave is a serious problem and deflating the blame on a "Republican conspiracy."

Turning to the 2024 presidential race and former President Trump's potential return to politics, Zell says he can "overlook" Trump's "personality problems" because his policy achievements are, "nothing short of astonishing and his ability to analyze situations and foresee the future [are phenomenal]."

"All Republican candidates are friends of Israel," concludes Zell. "They don't have the problem the Democrats have where you have the Squad who are antisemitic and where the extreme left of the Democratic Party is not particularly fond of Israel."